Your appointment.

The Bridal Boutique of Jules operates on an appointment only basis.  Each bride and her party have exclusive use of the boutique and our undivided attention. It is the brides special time and we want it to be a personable and memorable occasion.  We are really flexible with appointment times, as we understand that life gets busy, so we do what we can to fit in around you.
We allocate one and a half - two hours for each appointment, allowing enough time to understand your dress dreams and expectations and hopefully make them come true upon your visit.

We understand that the thought of shopping for your wedding dress can be very daunting, overwhelming, exciting and terrifying all at the same time! However, once you step foot inside the door, we promise to make you feel as much at ease and at home here in the boutique as possible and guarantee that you will have a truly magical and fun experience.  We have answered some common questions below to help you prepare yourself for your visit.

What is important to us is that you and your party enjoy every moment that you are here at the boutique and trust that we will do everything we can to ensure your dress journey is a magical one that you will remember forever.

When should I start shopping for my dress?

We would advise beginning your shopping for your dress around 12-14 months before your wedding date.  However there is nothing wrong in starting before that if you so wish to.  It is essential that you do not leave the ordering of your dress too late to minimise any added stress and worry.  We like to allow plenty of time to get your dress made, here, fitted and prepared for your special day.  Anything between nine and twelve months before is just perfect.  However if you are on a shorter timescale, the majority of our designers offer a rush order, there is usually a small charge for this, but it is doable.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

You should expect to have a wonderful couple of hours trying on lots of beautiful dresses.  Firstly we discuss your vision and dreams of your special day, we pop the kettle on whilst you browse the dresses and then it is try on time.  You can try as little or as many dresses on as you wish.  It is important to us that we find the shape, style and fabric suitable for you as an individual.  Your dress must be perfect for you and ooze your personality.  Your dress must tell a little story.

How many people can I bring with me?

The boutique has space for 3-4 guests. We would advise you bring those people whose opinion you value and trust the most.  

We do not have a waiting area due to the intimacy of each appointment so if you do arrive super early please do not disturb the appointment before you, the beach is a hop and a skip away, with several cafes to enjoy.  Please do refrain from bringing young children with you to your appointment due to the delicate nature of the dresses, lack of space and items in the boutique.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We would advise on wearing nude or white underwear and a strapless bra can be useful if you want to try on strapless dresses. There are shoes for you to try on with the dresses however if you have your favourite pair (or have already bought your wedding shoes) then please feel free to bring them with you.

The only thing we do ask is if you could please refrain from wearing heavy make up and fake tan.  It can stain the dresses and therefore a dry cleaning cost may be incurred.

What size are our samples?

Our dress samples are sized between 10-16, but the majority of them are a size 12-14.  Please do not worry if that is not your size, there are lots of ways to give you a vision of how the dresses will look.  Tricks of the trade!!! 

Do you stock bridesmaids dresses and can my bridesmaids come with me and try some on during my appointment?

The Bridal Boutique of Jules has its own collection of bridesmaid dresses/separates.  They are all made to measure in house, for each individual.  If time allows, we am more than happy for your bridesmaids to try on bridesmaid dresses/separates during your appointment time.  Alternatively a separate appointment can be made.

What is the price range of your dresses?

The average price of our wedding dresses is around £1500.  Our dresses range from £800 for a simple, relaxed bohemian style dress to £3500, for a bespoke hand beaded dress.  We do however hold at least two sample sales each year, where dresses can be reduced by up to 75%.  Please keep an eye out on our Facebook/Instagram pages for updated information.

Can I see dresses from the designers that you stock if you do not have them in your boutique collection?

If you have seen a particular dress online/in a magazine on the designers website and you would like to try it, we are able to request to loan it.  Providing it is available when convenient for you, it is generally very straight forward.   For some of the designers this is free of charge and for others there may be a small delivery charge (which will be refundable if you decide to purchase the dress).

How do I place my order?

To place your order, for any item, a non-refundable fifty percent deposit is required.  The remaining balance is then due before you take your item away.

When your dress is initially delivered to the boutique, if your wedding is more than three months away, we are sadly unable to store it for you for any more than four weeks, simply due to lack of space here at The Bridal Boutique of Jules.  Space is very limited, but if you do wish for us to store it for you there is a small storage fee of £2 per week.

What is a Styling appointment?

A Styling appointment is when you come to the Boutique with your dress and have a personalised Styling experience.  We will advise and help you create your dream wedding day look.  If you have purchased your dress from The Bridal Boutique of Jules Styling appointments are complimentary.  However, if you would like to bring your dress with you that you have purchased else where, there is a £30 Styling fee that is redeemable when you spend over £250.  

Once I have placed my order, what happens next?

Your dress will arrive into the boutique as per the estimated delivery date given to us by each designer.  We will contact you to arrange for you to come to the Boutique again for a Styling appointment and for you to try on your very own wedding dress.  At this appointment we can discuss alterations if required. Please note that we can only hold your dress in the boutique for a maximum of up to 4 weeks.

If your dress requires alterations, I am pleased to say that they are all done in house.  We like to start the alterations process 8-10 weeks prior to your special day.  Your alterations are a separate charge and will be calculated depending on dress style/materials used and time taken for each individual job undertaken.  You are not obliged to use our in house alteration service, but we will not take any responsibility for any work not carried out by us.

Once your alterations are completed you may collect your dress from the boutique at a convianiant time prior to your wedding day.  Your dress/accessories will be steamed, pressed and ready for you collect in preparation for the big day.  Please just ensure that you have somewhere safe, dry and high to hang your dress.  All dresses purchased from The Bridal Boutique of Jules come with a complimentary breathable dress bag, that will protect your dress and keep it a secret from peeping eyes!!!

How does the fitting process work?

The fitting process begins around 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding date. This will give you the chance to discuss your requirements, any changes that you would like made and of course we will fit your dress to you perfectly.

We have a fantastic seamstress, Sarah, that works in house alongside Jeska, and carries out all alterations. Alterations are not included in the price of the dress, unless discussed otherwise.  We will advise you what alterations, if any, that you require, but you are not obliged to use our services.  All alterations are costed individually.

Once the alterations are completed you can collect your dress from the boutique at a convenient time before your special day.  It will be steamed 24 hours before collection, left to air and then popped in a Bridal Boutique of Jules garment bag just before you arrive to collect it.  Our garment bags are NOT see through, so peeping eyes will not see anything, they are breathable and will offer your dress protection, however they are not waterproof.  Please just ensure you have a safe place to hang the dress up high when you take it to its destination.

When do I collect my dress?

After you have placed your order, your dress will arrive into the boutique as per the estimated delivery date. We will contact you to arrange a collection date and for you to try your dress & discuss alterations if necessary.  Due to being a small boutique we do not have a lot of storage so therefore I can only hold your dress in the boutique for a maximum of four weeks from the time your dress arrives from the designer.

If you would like us to carry out your alterations, your dress will come back with you 8-10 weeks before your wedding date to be fitted.  We will carry out the alterations, invite you for a second fitting and hold your dress and prepare it for the big day. It can then be collected at a convenient time.  We recommend as little time spent in the dress bag as possible at this stage, so the sooner your dress arrives at the place that you are getting ready, is hung and allowed to breath the better.

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